Piano Music

1 America America Doria 2 Me Veseli Sextet
3 Weep Not For Me Church Choir 4 Who Is She William
5 Goodbye For Now William/Doria 6 Good Night My Sweet Ruby
7 Nice To Meet You Children's Chorus 8 Papa's Little Girl 1 Cyril
9 We Work Our Shift Men's Chorus 10 Songs Of Love Will Never Cease Ruby
11 How Could Love William/Doria 12 Dont Cry Mama Joshua
13 I've Never Been In Love Doria 14 I Love Her Doria
15 What Have I Done, Father? Father Papageordopoulos 16 They Want A Fight Men's Chorus
17 The Moment I Gazed on Her Face William 18 I Love Him Doria
19 The Strikers All Deserve To Die Men's Chorus 20 Papa's Little Girl 2 Cyril
21 Weep For Them Church Choir 22 Only The Passage Of Time Ruby