William Phelps

William Phelps was hired by the CF&I as a junior executive. At the time of the Ludlow massacre, he is a young unmarried man who is being groomed for a higher managerial position at the mill.

Doria Kephalus

Doria Kephalus was born in Greece. Her mother died in childbirth, and when she was only five years old, her father immigrated, with her, to America. She will grow to be a teenager in the Ludlow colony and will accidentally meet William at Mineral Palace Park in Pueblo when she is 19 and he is in his late twenties.

Cyril Kephalus

Cyril Kephalus came to America with the wave of immigrants at the turn of the twentieth century. He was planning to go to Detroit, where he had relatives, but on the ship he met other Greek immigrants and decided to go with them to Colorado where they said there was a lot of work in the coal mines owned by CF&I.

Louis Tikas

Louis Tikas was a real person. He came from Greece, where he seems to have been educated, and he was a leader of the Ludlow strikers. In the play, he meets Cyril Kephalus on the ship to America and decides at the same time Cyril does to go to Colorado to work in the coal mines. He is younger than Cyril and unmarried.


Niko is another Greek immigrant who is on the ship with Cyril and Louis Tikas. He is also a young, unmarried man, and he is the one who tells the other two about the coal mines. He is headed there because his cousin's husband has been injured in the mines and she has asked him to come to help her.


Anna is Niko's cousin. Her husband finally dies from his injuries, but not before she has a baby, Dimitri, who is six years old by the time of the massacre.

Ruby Sam and Joshua Jones

Ruby and Sam Jones and their son Joshua are an African American family who live in Ludlow. Sam works in the mines and Ruby sings for society functions held at the Mineral Palace. Joshua and Dimitri are the same age and are good friends.

Cedilano Costa

Cedilano Costa was a real person. Her husband Charlie Costa was also real. Cedilano was one of the women who died in the pit dug under one of the tents in Ludlow where the women and children thought they would be safe from the violence of the strike. In the play, she is friends with Doria, Anna, and Ruby, and her children play with Joshua and Dimitri.

Lamont Bowers

Lamont Bowers was a real person. He worked for CF&I management and was an important spokesperson for John D. Rockefeller and a supporter of his interests. In the play, he is a mentor for William Phelps.

John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller was a real person. He was the owner of CF&I.

Father Papageordopoulos

Father Papageordopoulos was a real person. He was the priest at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Pueblo at the time of the Ludlow Massacre. In the play, he is also the priest there.

Lt. Karl Linderfelt

Lt. Linderfelt was a real person. He shot and killed Louis Tikas during the strike. In the play, he does that also.

Other characters

Other characters in the play include: Emilio and Herman (miners) and their families, Juan Hernandez (a miner), a church choir, Mineral Palace dancers, a chorus of strikers, a chorus of militia, and various children who attend the camp school.

The Mineral Palace

The Mineral Palace was a real place, as were the statues of King Coal and Queen Silver that decorated it. It was located in what is now Mineral Palace Park in Pueblo. It burned down in the 1940s.

Gus' Tavern

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church

Gus' Tavern and St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church were and still are real places in Pueblo.